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Standing out from the crowd in today’s business is difficult. In 1996, there were probably only a few hundred people in the world who were developing websites. Today, every teenager with a computer says they can create the perfect website for you. Companies are even trying to package web development software and search engine submission into their word processing programs. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of HTML programmers out there. Who do you trust?

When we first registered the domain for our original web development company HUBBS Enterprises in 1996, we really never put into perspective that we would continue in the web development industry for more than 25 years.

We started out as a local Bulletin Board Service (BBS) almost six years earlier on June 16, 1990 just outside of Riverside, California. We named ourselves Head’s Up Bulletin Board Service or HUBBS for short. At the time there were only a handful of different people with online bulletin board systems out there and the concept was extremely popular. Within a very short time we expanded our systems to include a total of six servers serving five 8-port serial boards that each had modems running. That allowed for up to 240 callers, each on an individual telephone line able to login simultaneously, where people could chat and connect socially. We upgraded our systems and servers to accommodate a software from a company called Mustang Software Wildcat BBS. during the years from 1990 through 1995, we took almost 12 millions calls through our servers.

As the Internet began formulating in early 1995, we started to focus our efforts in making the move towards a global community. We upgraded our equipment, registered domains, and moved forward. By the middle of 1995, a small company was developing a browser named Netscape Navigator, which would allow users to freely and much more importantly, easily browse the Internet. On March 6, 1995, they made that dream come true and by the end of 1995, our website were taking hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. It was amazing. We never realized that a small BBS could turn into such a huge endeavor so quickly.

As time and the Internet have changed, so has our business model. We went from the day to day operations of a social network, selling products and services, to web development in June of 1998. We have always maintained a small staff of developers, graphics artists, and office personnel. That has never changed. We contract a large amount of our staff to keep production costs down and to save our clients and ourselves from having high salary costs when times are slow.

Today, as Ecom Diversified Technologies and Ecom Internet Technologies, our Internet division, we have clients throughout the world. Our clients vary from web development services including logo development and project management to database creation, access, and control. However, our core business has remained the same since 1998. We develop websites. That is what we do. It will be what we do as long as our business remains. Our clients appreciate the work we perform, as we continue to focus on creating a product and service that targets our client’s specific needs. Our primary focus is on marketability and how we can accomplish goals that are often beyond our reach. As the Internet continues to expand its focus into social networking and cellular phone access, we will continue to expand our services to meet those needs.

Our primary focus today is on e-commerce. More specifically the Shopify eCommerce platform. Shopify has continued to stand a part from other ecommerce platforms, making them a leader in the industry. as a Shopfy partner, we continue to develop large scale platforms for our customers throughout the world.

There is an amazing rich history to the Internet and we are very proud to have been a part of many of the developments that have both came and gone. We watched companies like Mustang Software, Netscape, Internet Billing, and others come and go. some of us have even been around to watch the transition from the old days of CP/M (SCREEN CAPTURE) language to QDOS to Microsoft MS-DOS, and then Windows. And yes, for many of you out there, we have also watched some of the early origins of UNIX from HP-UX, SCO, BSDI, Free BSD, Open BSD, and others, through Torvalds creation commonly referred to nowadays as Linux. We even watched Apple and Novell rise, and in Novell’s case, eventually fall to the path of Microsoft, as seemingly everyone eventually does. Suffice it to say that we have been around for a while. Looking back, it has been more than 34 years for me as I type this. I can look across the room and I am not alone. Our primary go-to programmer was involved with the invention of the original TRS-80 from Tandy, which also witnessed the invention of the QWERTY keyboard, which we still use today. That was 1977, over 45 years ago. We have many very good friends who have come and gone, and many who have moved on.

We all have a deep history in computers and have watched truly many advancements that we never would have thought possible. And so it continues…

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